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Business Change Management Consulting

Getting the results you want through change.

Solving your most pressing problems – the types of issues and opportunities that keep you awake at night, that is what we enjoy doing.  Business change management - what you need to do to get the business to next level, and start enjoying your life more!

These issues and opportunities requiring focused business change management include:
  • Defining and implementing new strategies
  • Organization development
  • Marketing enhancements
  • Management transitions
  • Business transition planning
  • Leadership development
  • Process improvements
  • Figuring out how to get the business to the next level

Clients rely on the management consulting experience, leadership, discipline and objectivity of our people when they find themselves under pressure to make changes and deliver results.  We teach our clients how to think differently about their business, customers, competitors, employees and the environment they operate in.  Albert Einstein once said: "You can't solve problems at the same level of thinking at which they were created."  Solving business change management issues is directly analogous - sometimes a new set of experienced eyes, helps.

Clients who are a few years away from business succession or business transitions and are looking for a way to:

  • Effect a business transition to the next generation while ensuring both their success and your retirement
  • Figure out how to maximize the value of the business before the business transition, especially since multiples paid for a business usually vary by as much as 100% - business transition planning
  • Taking the business to the next level to grow and pay the new owners a competitive salary while also allowing for continued payments to you, the owner.

From a management consulting perspective, we work with owners, family, and management teams to identify the issues, the holes, and the opportunities and risks, and then lay out a plan to meet the key participants' objectives.  Setting out the key steps and monitoring progress and providing course correction is part of the service.  Business transition planning, or some prefer succession planning, from the business perspective in addition to the legal, insurance and financial perspectives is key to achieving your goals.

GGN management consultants are experienced executives who approach each client engagement from the perspective of the owner or CEO – Because we have been there.

We believe in the power of trust to build long lasting relationships and that trust comes from the integrity and competence of our peopleJust as important is our ability to work in family business and businesses with partners and the unique challenges they embody.


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