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Change Management Consulting - Owner issue 1

I was at a client lunch recently and his phone rang at least 5 times.  Three times he took the call.  Now what was his objective?  Reduce his hours by at least 2.  He was working about 13+ hours per day.  He didn't want to increase revenue or increase profits, just reduce hours.  OK, so why did he take the call?  His crews needed him.  Three calls taken from three different crews, out of about 8 that he had.  Why?  Well, from a change management consulting perspective, we analyzed the situation and quickly realized that the owner had created the problem.  Now are all problems created by the owner?  NO!  But enabling is big problem.  And that is what this owner did.  Change management consulting required working with the crews, or at least the crew leaders for training as well as coaching with the owner.  Bottom line - the owner reduced hours and so did the crews, thus increasing profits and reducing owner hours, which was the objective.  Look carefully at the direction and words you use - it does make a difference!

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